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Multilateral Instrument 61-101 Protection of Minority Security Holders in Special Transactions
Part 5 Related Party Transactions
Section 5.2

Material Change Report

(1) An issuer shall include in a material change report, if any, required to be filed under securities legislation for a related party transaction

(a) a description of the transaction and its material terms,

(b) the purpose and business reasons for the transaction,

(c) the anticipated effect of the transaction on the issuer’s business and affairs,

(d) a description of

(i) the interest in the transaction of every interested party and of the related parties and associated entities of the interested parties, and

(ii) the anticipated effect of the transaction on the percentage of securities of the issuer, or of an affiliated entity of the issuer, beneficially owned or controlled by each person referred to in subparagraph (i) for which there would be a material change in that percentage,

(e) unless this information will be included in another disclosure document for the transaction, a discussion of the review and approval process adopted by the board of directors and the special committee, if any, of the issuer for the transaction, including a discussion of any materially contrary view or abstention by a director and any material disagreement between the board and the special committee,

(f) a summary, in accordance with section 6.5, of the formal valuation, if any, obtained for the transaction, unless the formal valuation is included in its entirety in the material change report or will be included in its entirety in another disclosure document for the transaction,

(g) disclosure, in accordance with section 6.8, of every prior valuation in respect of the issuer that relates to the subject matter of or is otherwise relevant to the transaction

(i) that has been made in the 24 months before the date of the material change report, and

(ii) the existence of which is known, after reasonable inquiry, to the issuer or to any director or senior officer of the issuer,

(h) the general nature and material terms of any agreement entered into by the issuer, or a related party of the issuer, with an interested party or a joint actor with an interested party, in connection with the transaction, and

(i) disclosure of the formal valuation and minority approval exemptions, if any, on which the issuer is relying under sections 5.5 and 5.7, respectively, and the facts supporting reliance on the exemptions.

(2) If the issuer files a material change report less than 21 days before the expected date of the closing of the transaction, the issuer shall explain in the news release required to be issued under National Instrument 51-102 Continuous Disclosure Obligations and in the material change report why the shorter period is reasonable or necessary in the circumstances.

(3) Despite paragraphs (1)(f) and 5.4(2)(a), if the issuer is required to include a summary of the formal valuation in the material change report and the formal valuation is not available at the time the issuer files the material change report, the issuer shall file a supplementary material change report containing the disclosure required by paragraph (1)(f) as soon as the formal valuation is available.

(4) The issuer shall send a copy of any material change report prepared by it in respect of the transaction to any security holder of the issuer upon request and without charge.