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Terms of Use of Lexata’s Website

To visitors, trialists and subscribers, by using Lexata’s Website, you acknowledge and agree as follows:

The whole contents of Lexata’s Website — the front-end and the back-end — are the intellectual property of Lexata. No site visitor, trialist or subscriber has any right to any of those contents.

Subject to the exceptions in (i) to (iii) below, you are prohibited from copying or scraping any information from his Website for any purpose including training AI models. You are also prohibited from creating any derivative work from this Website or doing anything else, directly or indirectly, including reverse engineering or decoding, that could help you obtain value or information from this website. These prohibitions apply regardless of whether or not your activity is for commercial purposes.

As a visitor, trialist or subscriber, you may

(i) use the front-end features of this Website,

(ii) copy or print the answers and search results that are generated by asking questions in Lexata’s search box, or

(iii) copy or print a page that contains unique information generated by Lexata’s system as a result of you entering information into a Shareholders’ Meeting Questionnaire or an M&A Questionnaire.

The answers generated by Lexata to users’ questions entered in the search box are intended for legal research and analysis purposes; the answers do not consitute legal or regulatory advice.

Lexata has designed its engineering workflow with the good faith objective of providing answers that an experienced securities lawyer would grade as A or A+. Despite this, you must use your own judgement, based on your particular facts and circumstances, to decide how much to rely on Lexata’s answers, for the reasons indicated in the next paragraph.

Lexata uses, as part of its engineering workflow, a large language model that statistically predicts answers to users’ questions based on the general dataset of text on which the model was trained. Lexata’s answers are probabilistic, so their accuraccy and completeness cannot be, and is not, guaranteed. Moreover, Lexata does not use human lawyers to review the answers before they are displayed to users.

If you have any questions about these terms of use, please contact us.

Please also refer to our Privacy Policy.