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Lexata is your trusted capital markets research partner.
Answer your compliance questions in seconds.

Why Use Lexata?

Public companies, investment banks and investment funds:

  • Answer your capital markets regulatory questions in seconds.
  • Solve more problems without calling outside counsel, to reduce legal fees.
  • Get up-to-speed faster even if you aren’t a securities law expert.

Law firms:

  • Advise on securities matters more efficiently. Lexata is easier and more intuitive than other research methods.
  • Free up valuable time for transaction strategy and business development instead of rule-finding.
  • Delight your clients by reducing research costs on their bills.

Sample Searches

Lexata = Law + Data

Lexata is built by securities lawyers and data scientists. The name Lexata reflects our work: bringing law and data science together.


Lexata’s search for legal rules is best-in-class. Specific sections of law, from disparate sources, are ordered by relevance based on your question. We don’t rely on keyword matches or boolean operators. We don’t expect you to scroll through PDFs or other documents to find what you need. Cross-referenced rules are linked so you can jump right to them. Defined terms are underlined and when you hover over them, the definition appears.


Lexata’s answers to securities law questions can be verified by reviewing the search results comprising the most relevant rules. The product is being built topic-by-topic with trustworthiness as the top priority. We use generative AI in conjunction with a novel pipeline of natural language processing steps to achieve our best-in-class answers.

Leslie McCallum, Founder and CEO

>> expert in Canadian and U.S. securities laws

>> Torys LLP; Shearman & Sterling LLP

>> https://www.linkedin.com/in/leslie-mccallum-lexata/

We look forward to working with you.