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Privacy Policy

Our Committment

Lexata respects people’s personal information. If you register for a trial, use our contact form, or subscribe as a customer, we obtain your name, e-mail address and the other information you provide on those forms. We use that information to reply to your queries, communicate with you about Lexata’s product, manage your account, and improve our product. This policy provides additional details about the privacy of Lexata users’ information.

Data Collection

Web Hosting

Lexata uses the website hosting platform Kinsta. Kinsta collects aggregated data for us, e.g., the total number of users per day, locations of users, IP addresses, etc., to help us understand the speed and other performance metrics of our website. This data does not include any personal information about any specific user.

Matomo Web Analytics

Lexata uses Matomo web analytics to help us understand how users are interacting with our website, e.g. we track users’ visits to all pages on our site. For logged-in users only, a unique user id is assigned and is connected to their interactions on our site, including searches. The unique user id, which is only generated by registering on our site (either for a free trial or to subscribe as a customer), is connected to the information provided on the registration form (name, e-mail and, optionally, organization). We use this identifying information to determine the relative popularity, among different registered users, of each page on our site and to assess which searches are the most and least common. We also repeat users’ searches ourselves to assess the quality of Lexata’s generated answers and search results. Finally, based on the data we collect, we plan new product features and determine what types of communications with our users are most likely to meet their needs.


The data that Matomo enables us to collect is stored in Lexata’s database. Matomo does not store information about Lexata’s users or share the information with any third parties. Matomo also cannot access Lexata’s database.

Lexata does not sell or share any collected information about our users with any third parties, with three exceptions.

  1. First, we will share information as required by law.
  2. Second, we share information with our business and legal advisors and with potential investors, but only on an aggregate and anonymous basis.
  3. Third, we send users’ search queries to OpenAI’s API endpoints in order to generate search results and answers. OpenAI is an AI research and deployment company and Lexata uses OpenAI’s large language model technology as part of our engineering workflow. Other than search inputs, we do not share information about our users with OpenAI. OpenAI does not have access to Lexata’s database or users’ IDs, so it cannot link any particular search to any particular Lexata user. Based on its documentation, OpenAI (i) does not use information obtained from its customers via its API endpoints for training its language models; and (ii) such information is deleted by OpenAI after 30 days.

Google Analytics and Cookies

Lexata does not use Google Analytics or other tracking software to install cookies on users’ computers.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may amend this privacy policy in the future. At any time, you may request a copy of this policy, or ask any questions about this policy, by contacting our CEO Leslie McCallum by e-mail at lmccallum@lexata.ca or by filling out our Contact Form.

Website Terms of Use

Please also see the Terms of Use of Lexata’s Website.