Privacy Policy

Our Committment

Lexata respects people’s personal information. If you register for a trial, use our contact form, or subscribe as a customer, we obtain your name, e-mail address and other information you provide on those forms. We only use that information to reply to your queries, communicate with you about Lexata’s product, and manage your account. We do not sell our otherwise share our customers’ information with any third parties, unless sharing is required by law.

Data Collection

Web Hosting

Lexata uses the website hosting platform Kinsta. Kinsta collects aggregated data for us, e.g., the total number of users per day, locations of users, IP addresses, etc., to help us understand the speed and other performance metrics of our website. This data does not include any personal information about any specific user.

Matomo Web Analytics

Lexata uses Matomo web analytics to help us understand how users are interacting with the website. We track page visits and search queries. For logged-in users, an assigned unique user id is connected to these interactions. We use this information to assess the relative importance of various pages on the website, to monitor the quality of our relevance rankings, to monitor the relative popularity or rarity of search phrases among users, and to plan new features. The data that Matomo enables us to collect is stored in Lexata’s database and Matomo does not store or share the information with any third parties, nor does Matomo have access to Lexata’s database or, therefore, any user ids or personal information of Lexata users. Lexata does not sell or share this collected information with any third parties, with two exceptions. First, with its business partners on a confidential basis, Lexata may discuss its website performance and related statistics on an aggregate and anonymous basis. The second exception, which is not applicable now but may be applicable in the future, is explained below under “OpenAI Search Technology.”

OpenAI Search Technology

As noted above, Lexata keeps track of the words entered into the search box and the user ID of the searcher. OpenAI is an AI research and deployment company from whom we licence state-of-the-art search technology. In the future, Lexata may introduce new AI-enabled features to the website, which could require us to comply with OpenAI’s safety policy. Compliance would require that not just the search terms, but also the unique user ID of the searcher, be routed through OpenAI’s API. If we introduce any new features that would require us to do that, we will update this privacy policy. In any event, OpenAI does not and will not have access to Lexata’s user database. Therefore, OpenAI does not and will not have any ability to link a particular search or user ID with any particular Lexata user – whether by name, e-mail address or organization.

Google Analytics and Cookies

Lexata does not use Google Analytics or other tracking software to install cookies on users’ computers.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may amend this privacy policy in the future. At any time, you may request a copy of this policy, or ask any questions about this policy, by contacting our CEO Leslie McCallum by e-mail at, or by writing to her at 44 Oriole Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, M4V1V7, or by filling out our Contact Form.