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Companion Policy to NI 81-106 Investment Fund Continuous Disclosure
Part 6 Proxy Voting Disclosure for Portfolio Securities Held
Section 6.1

Proxy Voting Disclosure

(1) An investment fund’s manager, acting on the investment fund’s behalf, has the right and obligation to vote proxies relating to the investment fund’s portfolio securities. As a practical matter, the manager may delegate this function to the investment fund’s portfolio adviser as part of the adviser’s general management of investment fund assets. In either case, the manager or portfolio adviser voting proxies on behalf of an investment fund must do so in a manner consistent with the best interests of the fund and its securityholders.

(2) Because of the substantial institutional voting power held by investment funds, the increasing importance of the exercise of that power to securityholders, and the potential for conflicts of interest with respect to the exercise of proxy voting, we believe that investment funds should disclose their proxy voting policies and procedures, and should make their actual proxy voting records available to securityholders.

(3) The Instrument requires that the investment fund establish policies and procedures for determining whether, and how, to vote on any matter for which the investment fund receives proxy materials for a meeting of securityholders of an issuer. The CSA consider an investment fund to “receive” a document when it is delivered to any service provider or to the investment fund in respect of securities held beneficially by the investment fund. Proxy materials may be delivered to a manager, a portfolio adviser or sub-adviser, or a custodian. All of these deliveries are considered delivered “to” the investment fund.

(4) The Instrument requires an investment fund to maintain an annual proxy voting record as of June 30 and to post this to the fund’s website if it has one. However, investment funds may choose to disclose their proxy votes throughout the course of the year, and may also choose to disclose how they intend to vote prior to the shareholder meeting.

Companion Policy to NI 81-106 Investment Fund Continuous Disclosure
Part 6 Proxy Voting Disclosure for Portfolio Securities Held
Section 6.2

Proxy Voting Policies and and Procedures

(1) Section 10.2 of the Instrument sets out, in general terms, what the securities regulatory authorities consider to be minimum policies and procedures for the proxy voting process. Investment funds are responsible for adopting any additional policies relevant to their particular situation. For example, investment funds should consider whether they require any specific policies dealing with shareholder meetings of issuers resident in other countries.

(2) An investment fund sometimes needs to vote securities held by it in order to protect its interests in connection with corporate transactions or developments relating to the issuers of its portfolio securities. The manager and portfolio adviser, or the agent of the investment fund administering a securities lending program on behalf of the investment fund, should monitor corporate developments relating to portfolio securities that are loaned by the investment fund in securities lending transactions, and take all necessary steps to ensure that the investment fund can exercise a right to vote the securities when necessary.