CSA Staff Notice 55-316 Questions and Answers on Insider Reporting and SEDI
4 Insider Information
4.1 General
Section 4.1.5

Do I Need To Do Anything On SEDI Before Using SEDI To Report My Transactions?

To use SEDI to file your own insider reports, you first need to register as a SEDI user. To register, complete the SEDI User Registration Form (Form 55-102F5), sign a printed copy and send it to the SEDI operator. The SEDI operator will review your registration request and, once validated, will activate a SEDI user account for you on SEDI. You cannot file insider reports until the registration process is completed. Please refer to Part 2 Registration.

You do not need to register or file insider reports on SEDI yourself. You can use an agent to file for you. The agent must be an individual who is already registered as a SEDI user.