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Companion Policy 51-102CP Continuous Disclosure Obligations
Part 4A Forward-Looking Information
Section 4A.5

Disclosure of Cautionary Language and Material Risk Factors

(1) Paragraph 4A.3(b) of the Instrument requires a reporting issuer to accompany any material forward-looking information with disclosure that cautions users that actual results may vary from the forward-looking information and identifies material risk factors that could cause material variation. The material risk factors identified in the cautionary language should be relevant to the forward-looking information and the disclosure should not be boilerplate in nature.

(2) The cautionary statements required by paragraph 4A.3(b) of the Instrument should identify significant and reasonably foreseeable factors that could reasonably be expected to cause results to differ materially from those projected in the material forward-looking statement. Reporting issuers should not interpret this as requiring a reporting issuer to anticipate and discuss everything that could conceivably cause results to differ.