National Instrument 55-102 System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders (SEDI)
Part 4 SEDI Filing Exemption
Section 4.1

Temporary Hardship Exemption

(1) If unanticipated technical difficulties or failure by a SEDI issuer to file its issuer profile supplement prevent the timely submission of an insider report in SEDI format, a SEDI filer shall file the insider report in paper format as soon as practicable and in any event no later than two business days after the day on which the insider report was required to be filed.

(2) An insider report filed in paper format under subsection (1) shall be prepared in accordance with Form 55-102F6 and shall include the following legend in capital letters at the top of the front page: IN ACCORDANCE WITH SECTION 4.1 OF NATIONAL INSTRUMENT 55-102 SYSTEM FOR ELECTRONIC DISCLOSURE BY INSIDERS (SEDI), THIS INSIDER REPORT IS BEING FILED IN PAPER FORMAT UNDER A TEMPORARY HARDSHIP EXEMPTION.

(3) The requirements of securities legislation relating to paper format filings of insider reports apply to a filing under subsection (1) except that signatures to the paper format document may be in typed form rather than manual format and an agent may sign the paper format document on behalf of an insider who is an individual without filing a completed power of attorney.

(4) If an insider report is filed in paper format in the manner and within the time prescribed in this section, the date by which the information is required to be filed under securities legislation is extended to the date on which the filing is made in paper format.

(5) If a SEDI filer makes a paper format filing under this section, the SEDI filer shall file the insider report in SEDI format as soon as practicable after the unanticipated technical difficulties have been resolved or the insider has become aware that the SEDI issuer has filed its issuer profile supplement, whichever is applicable.

(6) Despite subsection 2.1(3) and sections 2.3 and 2.4, if unanticipated technical difficulties prevent a SEDI filer from filing an issuer profile supplement, an amended issuer profile supplement, an issuer event report or an amended insider profile within the specified time, the SEDI filer shall file such document as soon as practicable after the unanticipated technical difficulties have been resolved.