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Form 55-102F4 Issuer Event Report

Issuer Event Report

An issuer event report in SEDI format shall contain the information prescribed below. The information shall be entered using the online version of this form accessible by SEDI users at the SEDI web site (www.sedi.ca). All references to web pages, fields and lists relate to the online version of the form.

1. Issuer event type

Starting at the web page titled “File issuer event report – Form 55-102F4”, select the “Issuer event type” that appropriately describes the issuer event from the list of transactions and other events provided for this purpose. If an appropriate issuer event type is not provided in the list, select “Other Issuer Event” and enter an appropriate generic term for the type of issuer event being reported in the “Other issuer event type” field provided for this purpose.

2. Effective date of issuer event

Disclose the effective date of the issuer event using the fields provided for this purpose.

3. Issuer event title

Provide a descriptive title for the issuer event that will distinguish the issuer event from other issuer events of the same type. For example, in the case of a merger, refer to another merging issuer, or in the case of a stock split, indicate the approximate date.

4. Issuer event details

Describe the issuer event in plain language. Provide the security designation of each security or class of securities of the issuer affected by the issuer event and explain the adjustment or other change in holdings that affected insiders of the issuer would be required to report as a result of the issuer event. If applicable, provide the ratio by which each security or class of securities affected has been or will be adjusted by the issuer event.

If the required adjustment(s) will result in a fractional number of securities when applied to the number of securities held by affected insiders, indicate whether the number of securities held by the insider shall be rounded up or down.

If the issuer event involved the creation of a new security or class of securities or the formation of a new reporting issuer, disclose this information. If applicable, amend the issuer profile supplement for the reporting issuer.

Optional Information

An issuer event report filed in SEDI format may, at the option of the reporting issuer, contain the following additional information:

5. Private remarks to securities regulatory authority

Using the field provided, the issuer may disclose additional information concerning the issuer event to staff of the securities regulatory authority. Information provided in this field will not be accessible by the public.