Canada Business Corporations Act
CBCA Regulation, Part 1 General: Electronic Documents
Section 7

For the purpose of paragraph 252.3(2)…

(1) For the purpose of paragraph 252.3(2)(a) of the Act, the consent shall be in writing.

(2) For the purpose of paragraph 252.3(2)(b) of the Act, a notice, document or other information that is not required under the Act to be sent to a specific place may be sent as an electronic document to a place other than to an information system designated by the addressee under paragraph 252.3(2)(a) of the Act by posting it on or making it available through a generally accessible electronic source, such as a website, and by providing the addressee with notice in writing of the availability and location of that electronic document.

(3) [Repealed, SOR/2010-128, s. 5]