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National Instrument 44-101 Short Form Prospectus Distributions
Part 1 Definitions and Interpretations
Section 1.1 Definitions

successor issuer

In this Instrument “successor issuer” means

(a) except for an issuer which, in the case where the restructuring transaction involved a divestiture of a portion of a reporting issuer’s business, succeeded to or otherwise acquired less than substantially all of the business divested, an issuer that meets any of the following requirements:

(i) it was a reverse takeover acquiree in a completed reverse takeover;

(ii) it was formed as a result of a completed restructuring transaction;

(iii) it participated in a restructuring transaction and its existence continued following the completion of the restructuring transaction; or

(b) an issuer that issued securities to the securityholders of a second issuer that was a reporting issuer, in a reorganization that did not alter those securityholders’ proportionate interest in the second issuer or the second issuer’s proportionate interest in its assets;