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National Instrument 51-102 Continuous Disclosure Obligations
Part 1 Definitions and Interpretation
Section 1.1

restructuring transaction

(1) In this Instrument:…

“restructuring transaction” means

(a) a reverse takeover;

(b) an amalgamation, merger, arrangement or reorganization;

(c) a transaction or series of transactions involving a reporting issuer acquiring assets and issuing securities that results in

(i) new securityholders owning or controlling more than 50% of the reporting issuer’s outstanding voting securities; and

(ii) a new person or company, a new combination of persons or companies acting together, the vendors of the assets, or new management

(A) being able to materially affect the control of the reporting issuer; or

(B) holding more than 20% of the outstanding voting securities of the reporting issuer, unless there is evidence showing that the holding of those securities does not materially affect the control of the reporting issuer; and

(d) any other transaction similar to the transactions listed in paragraphs (a) to (c),

but does not include a subdivision, consolidation, or other transaction that does not alter a securityholder’s proportionate interest in the issuer and the issuer’s proportionate interest in its assets;