CSA Staff Notice 55-316 Questions and Answers on Insider Reporting and SEDI
3 Issuer Information
3.4 Issuer Grant Report
Section 3.4.1

What Is An Issuer Grant Report?

What is an issuer grant report? An issuer grant report is a report filed by an issuer on SEDI that publicly discloses the details of compensation arrangements under which grants of stock options or similar instruments are made to reporting insiders. While there is no obligation for an issuer to file an issuer grant report, it may choose to do so to assist its reporting insiders with their reporting obligations, provide them with the benefits of an exemption and communicate material information about its compensation practices to the market in a timely manner.

The issuer grant report exemption reduces the regulatory burden on reporting insiders that is associated with insider reporting of stock options and similar instruments since it allows an issuer to make a single filing on SEDI. This filing provides the market with timely information about the existence and material terms of the grant, and makes it unnecessary for each of the affected reporting insiders to file an insider report about the grant within the ordinary reporting time periods.

It contains the information listed in question 3.4.4.