CSA Staff Notice 55-316 Questions and Answers on Insider Reporting and SEDI
4 Insider Information
4.3 Insider Report
Section 4.3.11

What Do I File If I Am An Insider Of A U.S. Issuer That Is A Registrant With The Sec And I File Insider Reports With The Sec?

Generally, you need to file your reports on SEDI if that issuer files disclosure documents on SEDAR.

However, you do not need to file insider reports if:

  • the issuer is a “U.S. issuer” under National Instrument 71-101, The Multijurisdictional Disclosure System that has securities registered under the United States Securities Exchange Act of 1934, or
  • the issuer is a “SEC foreign issuer” under National Instrument 71-102, Continuous Disclosure and Other Exemptions Relating to Foreign Issuers (NI 71-102)

and you comply with the U.S. federal securities law regarding insider reporting and you file the required reports with the SEC.