CSA Staff Notice 55-316 Questions and Answers on Insider Reporting and SEDI
4 Insider Information
4.5 Reporting Transactions
Section 4.5.10

What Are Equity Monetization Transactions?

Equity monetization transactions are transactions that allow an investor to receive a cash amount similar to proceeds of disposition, and to transfer all or part of the economic risk and/or return associated with securities of an issuer, without actually transferring the legal and beneficial ownership of such securities.

The term “monetization” generally refers to the conversion of an asset (such as securities) into cash.

For additional guidance on how to report these types of transactions, please refer to CSA Staff Notice 55-312 Insider Reporting Guidelines for Certain Derivative Transactions (Equity Monetization) (REVISED).

See Part 4 of NI 55-104 for the supplemental insider reporting requirements for equity monetization transactions and Part 4 of Companion Policy 55-104CP.