CSA Staff Notice 55-316 Questions and Answers on Insider Reporting and SEDI
3 Issuer Information
3.2 Issuer Profile Supplement
Section 3.2.7

How Do I Designate The Following Types Of Securities?


1. Asset-backed securities   a) Select   
b) Select  
c) Describe
‘Equity’ or ‘Debt’ category
‘Other’ as security name
type ‘Asset-backed Securities’
in the additional description field
2. Options*
(exercisable into common shares
under plan)
for the underlying security
(common shares)
a) Select  
b) Select
c) Describe
d) Select  
e) Select  
f) Describe
Issuer derivative’ category
‘Options’ as security name
(if needed, add description)
‘Equity’ category
‘Common shares’ as security name
(if needed, add description)
3. Convertible debentures a) Select  
b) Select  
c) Describe
‘Debt’ category
‘Convertible debentures’ as security name
(if needed, add description)

* See also the questions and answers under section 4.4. Reporting for Related Financial Instruments for an explanation of “issuer derivatives” and “underlying security”.

Suggestion: Together, the security name and description will appear as one of the designated securities on this issuer’s list of securities. Its insiders will see and select from this list in order to report transactions and holdings in securities or related financial instruments of that issuer. Make sure to enter any additional words used to describe the specific security or class of security that will distinguish this security or class of security from another that will allow your reporting insiders to choose the appropriate security or related financial instrument. SEDI will compute the total balances of securities and related financial instruments that have the same designation, ownership type and registered holder name combination.