CSA Staff Notice 55-312 Insider Reporting Guidelines for Certain Derivative Transactions (Equity Monetization)
Section 2

How are these Transactions Reported in SEDI?

We have set out below a number of examples of arrangements and transactions involving derivatives together with examples of how to report these arrangements and transactions in SEDI.

The first example is considered in detail. The subsequent examples generally refer the reader back to the step-by-step approach taken in the first example, highlighting necessary changes.

The examples discussed in this notice have necessarily been simplified and are for illustrative purposes only. The examples assume the following set of facts:

ABC Inc. is a reporting issuer. John is a director of ABC Inc. and is therefore a reporting insider (as defined in NI 55-104) of ABC Inc. On March 1, 2010, John acquired 10 shares of ABC Inc. at a fair market value (FMV) price of $10 per share. On March 1, 2011, shares of ABC Inc. have a FMV of $100 per share. John does not wish to sell the shares, but is concerned that the shares might fall in value, and wishes to protect at least $80 of the gain (that is, to “lock in” the share price at at least $90).

The examples also assume that the following necessary preliminary steps have been taken:

  • ABC Inc. has completed an issuer profile supplement;
  • John has a valid SEDI user ID and password;
  • John has created his insider profile in SEDI and has his insider access key; and
  • John has previously added ABC Inc. to his insider profile.

For additional information about filing an insider report under SEDI, please refer to 55-102CP, SN 55-316 and the SEDI online help available on the SEDI website (www.sedi.ca).