CSA Staff Notice 55-316 Questions and Answers on Insider Reporting and SEDI
3 Issuer Information
3.3 Issuer Event Report
Section 3.3.8

Do I File One Report Or Several Reports If A Number Of Transactions Comprise The Issuer Event?

One report can be used to report several ‘sub-events’ in connection with the same event, all happening on the same day. However, you should fully describe all pertinent ‘sub-events’ in the issuer event title and issuer report details fields.

For example, an issuer event can be an amalgamation that is composed of a share exchange and also a consolidation (of the resulting company’s) share capital. You would report the event as follows:

  • Issuer event: Amalgamation, merger or reorganization
  • Issuer event title: Amalgamation of ABC Ltd. and DEF Corp. into XYZ Ltd. and consolidation of DEF Corp. shares
  • Issuer report details: describe the relevant information for both the amalgamation and consolidation aspects of the event and the impact on insider holdings.