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Companion Policy to NI 81-106 Investment Fund Continuous Disclosure
Part 2 Financial Statements
Section 2.7

Securities Lending Transactions

(1) Section 3.8 of the Instrument imposes certain reporting requirements on investment funds in connection with any securities lending transactions entered into by the investment fund. These requirements were included to ensure that certain aspects of securities lending transactions are disclosed in the same manner.

Generally, in a securities lending transaction, the investment fund is able to call the original securities back at any time, and the securities returned must be the same or substantially the same as the original securities. The investment fund retains substantially all of the risks and rewards of ownership.

(2) [Repealed].

(3) The Canadian securities regulatory authorities consider that, for the purposes of disclosing the gross amount generated from securities lending transactions in the notes to the financial statements of an investment fund pursuant to subsection 3.8(4) of the Instrument, all amounts generated in relation to the securities lending transactions of the investment fund must be disclosed, prior to the deduction of any amounts paid to securities lending agents or other service providers pursuant to any revenue sharing arrangement. Furthermore, for the purposes of subsection 3.8(4) of the Instrument, the Canadian securities regulatory authorities are of the view that any proceeds generated as a result of investing the collateral delivered to the investment fund in connection with a securities lending transaction form part of the gross amount from the securities lending transaction and must be included in the amount disclosed in the notes to the financial statements under subsection 3.8(4) of the Instrument.