National Instrument 81-106 Investment Fund Continuous Disclosure
Part 10 Proxy Voting Disclosure for Portfolio Securities Held
Section 10.3

Proxy Voting Record

An investment fund must maintain a proxy voting record that includes, for each time that the investment fund receives, in its capacity as securityholder, materials relating to a meeting of securityholders of a reporting issuer or the equivalent of a reporting issuer in a foreign jurisdiction,

(a) the name of the issuer;

(b) the exchange ticker symbol of the portfolio securities, unless not readily available to the investment fund;

(c) the CUSIP number for the portfolio securities;

(d) the meeting date;

(e) a brief identification of the matter or matters to be voted on at the meeting;

(f) whether the matter or matters voted on were proposed by the issuer, its management or another person or company;

(g) whether the investment fund voted on the matter or matters;

(h) if applicable, how the investment fund voted on the matter or matters; and

(i) whether votes cast by the investment fund were for or against the recommendations of management of the issuer.