Companion Policy to NI 81-106 Investment Fund Continuous Disclosure
Part 1 Purpose and Application of the Companion Policy
Section 1.4

Plain Language Principles –

The CSA believe that plain language will help investors understand an investment fund’s disclosure documents so that they can make informed investment decisions. You can achieve this by

  • using short sentences
  • using definite, everyday language
  • using the active voice
  • avoiding unnecessary words
  • organizing the document into clear, concise sections, paragraphs and sentences
  • avoiding jargon
  • using personal pronouns to speak directly to the reader
  • avoiding reliance on glossaries and defined terms unless it helps to understand the disclosure
  • using technical terms only where necessary and explaining those terms clearly
  • avoiding boilerplate wording
  • using concrete terms and examples
  • using charts and tables where it makes the disclosure easier to understand.