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Ontario Securities Act
Part XXI Insider Trading and Self-Dealing
Section 121

Filing in other jurisdiction

(1) Where the laws of the jurisdiction in which the reporting issuer is incorporated, organized or continued require substantially the same reports in that jurisdiction as are required by this Part, the filing requirements of this Part may be compiled with by filing the reports required by the laws of such jurisdiction manually signed or certified in accordance with the regulations.

Exemptions by order of Commission

(2) Subject to subsection (1), the Commission may,

(a) upon the application of an interested person or company,

(i) if a requirement of this Part conflicts with a requirement of the laws of the jurisdiction under which the reporting issuer is incorporated, organized or continued, or

(ii) if otherwise satisfied in the circumstances of the particular case that there is adequate justification for so doing; or

(b) of its own motion,

make an order on such terms and conditions as seem to the Commission just and expedient, exempting in whole or in part, a person or company from the requirements of this Part.

Exemptive Relief Orders