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National Instrument 81-107 Independent Review Committee for Investment Funds
Part 3 Independent review committee
Section 3.8


(1) The manager may set the initial compensation and expenses of an independent review committee that is appointed under section 3.2 or subsection 3.3(5).

(2) Subject to subsection (1), the independent review committee must set reasonable compensation and proper expenses for its members.

(3) When setting its compensation and expenses under subsection (2), the independent review committee must consider

(a) the independent review committee’s most recent assessment of its compensation under paragraph 4.2(2)(b); and

(b) the manager’s recommendations, if any.


1. This section permits the manager to determine the amount and type of compensation and expenses the IRC members will initially receive. To avoid undue influence from the manager, subsection (2) requires that, subsequent to the initial setting of compensation and other than in the unusual circumstance described in subsection 3.3(5), members of the IRC have the sole authority for determining their compensation. The Instrument permits the manager to recommend to the members of the IRC the amount and type of compensation to be paid, and requires the IRC to consider that recommendation.

2. The CSA expect the IRC and the manager to decide the IRC’s compensation in a manner consistent with good governance practices. Among the factors the IRC and manager should consider when determining the appropriate level of compensation are the following:

    • the number, nature and complexity of the investment funds and the fund families for which the IRC acts;
    • the nature and extent of the workload of each member of the IRC, including the commitment of time and energy that is expected from each member;
    • industry best practices, including industry averages and surveys on IRC compensation; and
    • the best interests of the investment fund.

3. The CSA expect that the IRC and the manager will discuss any instance where the IRC disagrees with the manager’s recommendations under paragraph (3)(b), in an attempt to reach an agreement that is satisfactory to both the IRC and the manager.