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National Instrument 81-107 Independent Review Committee for Investment Funds
Part 3 Independent review committee
Section 3.3

Vacancies and reappointments

(1) An independent review committee must fill a vacancy on the independent review committee as soon as practicable.

(2) A member whose term has expired, or will soon expire, may be reappointed by the other members of the independent review committee.

(3) In filling a vacancy on the independent review committee or reappointing a member of the independent review committee, the independent review committee must consider the manager’s recommendations, if any.

(4) A member may not be reappointed for a term or terms of office that, if served, would result in the member serving on the independent review committee for longer than 6 years, unless the manager agrees to the reappointment.

(5) If, for any reason, an independent review committee has no members, the manager must appoint a member to fill each vacancy as soon as practicable.


1. Consistent with the manager’s role to appoint the first members of an IRC, if at any time the IRC has no members, the manager will also appoint the replacement members. The CSA anticipate that the circumstances contemplated in subsection (5) will occur rarely, such as in the event of a change of manager or change in control of the manager. In these circumstances, managers should consider their timely disclosure obligations under securities legislation.

2. The manager may suggest candidates and may provide assistance to the IRC in the selection and recruitment process when a vacancy arises. Subsection (3) requires the IRC to consider the manager’s recommendation, if any, when filling a vacancy or reappointing a member of the IRC.

The CSA believe that allowing the IRC to select its own members and decide the term a member can serve will foster independent-minded committees that will be focussed on the best interests of the investment fund. The CSA also consider the members of the IRC to be best-positioned to judge the manner in which a prospective member can contribute to the effectiveness of the IRC.

3. The maximum term limit of 6 years specified in subsection (4) for a member to serve on an investment fund’s IRC is intended to enhance the independence and effectiveness of the IRC. An IRC may reappoint a member beyond the maximum term, but only with the agreement of the manager.