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Frequently Asked Questions Re NI 51-102 Continuous Disclosure Obligations (CSA Staff Notice 51-311)
Part B Financial statements
Question B-7

re timing of filing financial statements and MD&A vis a vis annual meeting

Q: Does the filing deadline in NI 51-102 for our annual financial statements and MD&A affect when we must hold our annual meeting and send our proxy-related materials? [Added February 11, 2005, amended May 4, 2007]

A: Under subsections 4.6(3) and 5.6(1) of NI 51-102, you must send your annual financial statements and MD&A by 10 calendar days after the filing deadline (a maximum of 100 days after your financial year end if you are a non-venture issuer, 130 days if you are a venture issuer) to all your securityholders who have previously requested these documents by either returning the request form or otherwise making a request. (If you receive a request after the filing deadline, the delivery deadline is 10 calendar days after you receive the request.)

As a result, the annual filing deadlines in NI 51-102 will, in effect, require you to either