Companion Policy to MI 61-101 Protection of Minority Security Holders in Special Transactions
Part 2 Interpretation
Section 2.6

Previous Arm’s Length Negotiations Exemption

(1) For the purposes of the formal valuation exemptions based on previous arm’s length negotiations in paragraph (b) of subsection 2.4(1) and paragraph (b) of subsection 4.4(1) of the Instrument for insider bids and business combinations, respectively, the arm’s length relationship must be between the selling security holder and all persons or companies that negotiated with the selling security holder.

(2) We note that the previous arm’s length negotiations exemption is based on the view that those negotiations can be a substitute for a valuation. An important requirement for the exemption to be available is that the offeror or proponent of the business combination, as the case may be, engages in “reasonable inquiries” to determine whether various circumstances exist. In our view, if this requirement cannot be satisfied through receipt of representations of the parties directly involved or some other suitable method, the offeror or proponent of the transaction is not entitled to rely on this exemption.