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Multilateral Instrument 61-101 Protection of Minority Security Holders in Special Transactions
Part 1 Definitions and Interpretation
Section 1.1 Definitions

business combination

In this Instrument

business combination” means, for an issuer, an amalgamation, arrangement, consolidation, amendment to the terms of a class of equity securities or any other transaction of the issuer, as a consequence of which the interest of a holder of an equity security of the issuer may be terminated without the holder’s consent, regardless of whether the equity security is replaced with another security, but does not include

(a) an acquisition of an equity security of the issuer under a statutory right of compulsory acquisition or, if the issuer is not a corporation, under provisions substantially equivalent to those comprising section 206 of the CBCA,

(b) a consolidation of securities that does not have the effect of terminating the interests of holders of equity securities of the issuer in those securities without their consent, through the elimination of post-consolidated fractional interests or otherwise, except to an extent that is nominal in the circumstances,

(c) a termination of a holder’s interest in a security, under the terms attached to the security, for the purpose of enforcing an ownership or voting constraint that is necessary to enable the issuer to comply with legislation, lawfully engage in a particular activity or have a specified level of Canadian ownership,

(d) a downstream transaction for the issuer, or

(e) a transaction in which no person that is a related party of the issuer at the time the transaction is agreed to

(i) would, as a consequence of the transaction, directly or indirectly acquire the issuer or the business of the issuer, or combine with the issuer, through an amalgamation, arrangement or otherwise, whether alone or with joint actors,

(ii) is a party to any connected transaction to the transaction, or

(iii) is entitled to receive, directly or indirectly, as a consequence of the transaction

(A) consideration per equity security that is not identical in amount and form to the entitlement of the general body of holders in Canada of securities of the same class,

(B) a collateral benefit, or Unofficial Consolidation “ May 9, 2016″

(C) consideration for securities of a class of equity securities of the issuer if the issuer has more than one outstanding class of equity securities, unless that consideration is not greater than the entitlement of the general body of holders in Canada of every other class of equity securities of the issuer in relation to the voting and financial participating interests in the issuer represented by the respective securities;