Companion Policy 51-102CP Continuous Disclosure Obligations
Part 3 Financial Statements
Section 3.9

Change in Corporate Structure

(1) Section 4.9 of the Instrument requires a reporting issuer to file a notice if the issuer has been party to certain transactions. The reporting issuer may satisfy this requirement by filing a copy of its material change report or news release, provided that

(a) the material change report or news release contains all the information required in the notice; and

(b) the reporting issuer files the material change report or news release with the securities regulatory authority or regulator

(i) under the Change in Corporate Structure category on SEDAR, or

(ii) if the issuer is not an electronic filer, as a notice under section 4.9.

(2) If the transaction was a reverse takeover, the notice should state that fact and who the reverse takeover acquirer was.

(3) Under paragraph 4.9(h) of the Instrument, the issuer must state the periods of the interim financial reports and the annual financial statements it has to file for its first financial year. Issuers should explain how they determined the periods, particularly if section 4.7 of the Instrument applies.