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National Instrument 62-104 Takeover Bids and Issuer Bids
Part 5 Reports and Announcements Of Acquisitions
Section 5.1(1) Definitions and Interpretation

specified securities lending arrangement

“specified securities lending arrangement” means a securities lending arrangement if all of the following apply:

(a) the material terms of the securities lending arrangement are set out in a written agreement;

(b) the securities lending arrangement requires the borrower to pay to the lender amounts equal to all dividends or interest payments, if any, paid on the security that would have been received by the lender if the lender had held the security throughout the period beginning at the date of the transfer or loan and ending at the time the security or an identical security is transferred or returned to the lender;

(c) the lender has established policies and procedures that require the lender to maintain a record of all securities that it has transferred or lent under securities lending arrangements;

(d) the written agreement referred to in paragraph (a) provides for any of the following:

(i) the lender has an unrestricted right to recall all securities that it has transferred or lent under the securities lending arrangement, or an equal number of identical securities, before the record date for voting at any meeting of securityholders at which the securities may be voted;

(ii) the lender requires the borrower to vote the securities transferred or lent in accordance with the lender’s instructions;