Section 1(1) Definitions

market participant

In this Act, “market participant” means, (a) a registrant, (b) a person or company exempted from the requirement to be registered under this Act, (c) a reporting issuer, (c.1) a person or company that has issued securities to a registrant or through a registrant acting as agent, (c.2) a director, officer or promoter of a person or company described in clause (c) or (c.1), (d) a manager or custodian of assets, shares or units of an investment fund, (e) a recognized clearing agency, (f) a recognized commodity futures exchange, (g) a recognized exchange, (h) a recognized quotation and trade reporting system, (i) a recognized self-regulatory organization, (i.1) a person or company that is exempt from the requirement under section 21, 21.1, 21.2 or 21.2.1 to be recognized by the Commission, (i.2) a designated benchmark administrator, (i.3) a person or company that engages or participates in the provision of information for use by a benchmark administrator for the purpose of determining a designated benchmark, (j) a designated credit rating organization, (k) a designated trade repository, (k.1) a designated information processor, (l) a transfer agent for securities of an issuer, (m) a registrar for securities of an issuer, (n) the Canadian Investor Protection Fund, (o) the Ontario Contingency Trust Fund, (o.1) the MFDA Investor Protection Corporation, (p) the general partner of a market participant, or (q) any other person or company or member of a class of persons or companies prescribed by the regulations;