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National Instrument 81-102 Investment Funds
Part 1 Definitions and Application
Section 1.1 Definitions

cash cover

“cash cover” means any of the following assets of an investment fund that are held by the investment fund, have not been allocated for specific purposes and are available to satisfy all or part of the obligations arising from a position in specified derivatives held by the investment fund or from a short sale of securities made by the investment fund:

(a) cash;

(b) cash equivalents;

(c) synthetic cash;

(d) receivables of the mutual fund arising from the disposition of portfolio assets, net of payables arising from the acquisition of portfolio assets;

(e) securities purchased by the mutual fund in a reverse repurchase transaction under section 2.14, to the extent of the cash paid for those securities by the mutual fund;

(f) each evidence of indebtedness that has a remaining term to maturity of 365 days or less and a – 2 – designated rating;

(g) each floating rate evidence of indebtedness if

(i) the floating interest rate of the indebtedness is reset no later than every 185 days, and

(ii) the principal amount of the indebtedness will continue to have a market value of approximately par at the time of each change in the rate to be paid to the holders of the evidence of indebtedness;

(h) securities issued by a money market fund;