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SEC Rules
Regulation S-X
Form and Content of and Requirements for Financial Statements
Section 12-29

Mortgage loans on real estate.1

Column A – Description2 3 4 Column B – Interest rate Column C – Final maturity date Column D – Periodic payment terms5 Column E – Prior liens Column F – Face amount of mortgages Column G – Carrying amount of mortgages3 6 7 8 9 Column H – Principal amount of loans subject to delinquent principal or interest10

1 All money columns shall be totaled.

2 The required information is to be given for each individual mortgage loan which exceeds three percent of the total of column G.

3 If the portfolio includes large numbers of mortgages most of which are less than three percent of column G, the mortgages not required to be reported separately should be grouped by classifications that will indicate the dispersion of the portfolio, i.e., for a portfolio of mortgages on single family residential housing. The description should also include number of loans by original loan amounts (e.g., over $100,000, $50,000-$99,999, $20,000-$49,000, under $20,000) and type loan (e.g., VA, FHA, Conventional). Interest rates and maturity dates may be stated in terms of ranges. Data required by columns D, E and F may be omitted for mortgages not required to be reported individually.

4 Loans should be grouped by categories, e.g., first mortgage, second mortgage, construction loans, etc., and for each loan the type of property, e.g., shopping center, high rise apartments, etc., and its geographic location should be stated.

5 State whether principal and interest is payable at level amount over life to maturity or at varying amounts over life to maturity. State amount of balloon payment at maturity, if any. Also state prepayment penalty terms, if any.

6 In a note to this schedule, furnish a reconciliation, in the following form, of the carrying amount of mortgage loans at the beginning of each period for which statements of comprehensive income are required, with the total amount shown in column G:

Balance at beginning of period   $  
Additions during period:      
New mortgage loans $    
Other (describe)   $  
Deductions during period:      
Collections of principal $    
Cost of mortgages sold      
Amortization of premium      
Other (describe)      
Balance at close of period   $  

If additions represent other than cash expenditures, explain. If any of the changes during the period result from transactions, directly or indirectly with affiliates, explain the bases of such transactions, and state the amounts involved. State the aggregate mortgages (a) renewed and (b) extended. If the carrying amount of new mortgages is in excess of the unpaid amount of the extended mortgages, explain.

7 If any item of mortgage loans on real estate investments has been written down or reserved against, describe the item and explain the basis for the write-down or reserve.

8 State in a note to column G the aggregate cost for Federal income tax purposes.

9 The amount of all intercompany profits in the total of column G shall be stated, if material.

10 (a) Interest in arrears for less than 3 months may be disregarded in computing the total amount of principal subject to delinquent interest.

(b) Of the total principal amount, state the amount acquired from controlled and other affiliates.