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SEC Rules
Regulation S-X
Form and Content of and Requirements for Financial Statements
Section 12-22

Investments in and advances to affiliates and income thereon.

Column A- Name of issuer and title of issue or amount of indebtedness1 Column B – Balance held at close of period – Number of shares – principal amount of bonds, notes and other indebtedness2 Column C – Cost of each item3 4 Column D – Amount at which carried at close of period4 5 Column E – Amount of dividends or interest4 6 Column F – Amount of equity in net profit and loss for the period7
(1) – Credited to income (2) – Other

1 (a) The required information is to be given as to all investments in affiliates as of the close of the period. See Section 210.6-06(1), 210.6-06(5)(b), 210.6-06(8)(a)(2), and 210.6-06(8)(a)(3). List each issue and group separately (1) investments in majority-owned subsidiaries, segregating subsidiaries consolidated; (2) other controlled companies; and (3) other affiliates. Give totals for each group. If operations of any controlled companies are different in character from those of the registrant, group such affiliates within divisions (1) and (2) by type of activities.

(b) Changes during the period. If during the period there has been any increase or decrease in the amount of investment in any affiliate, state in a footnote (or if there have been changes as to numerous affiliates, in a supplementary schedule) (1) name of each issuer and title of issue; (2) balance at beginning of period; (3) gross purchases and additions; (4) gross sales and reductions; (5) balance at close of period as shown in column C. Include in such footnote or schedule comparable information as to affiliates in which there was an investment at any time during the period even though there was no investment in such affiliate as of the close of such period.

2 Indicate any securities subject to option at the end of the most recent period and state in a footnote the amount subject to option, the option prices, and the dates within which such options may be exercised.

3 If the cost in column C represents other than cash expenditure, explain.

4 (a) Columns C, D and E shall be totaled. The totals of columns C and D should agree with correlative amounts required to be shown by the related balance sheet captions. State in a footnote the aggregate cost for Federal income tax purposes. (b) If any investments have been written down or reserved against by such companies pursuant to Section 210.6-03(d), indicate each such item by means of an appropriate symbol and explain in a footnote.

5 State the basis of determining the amounts shown in column D.

6 Show in column E(1) as to each issue held at close of period, the dividends or interest included in caption 1 of the profit and loss or income statement. In addition, show as the final item in column E(1) the aggregate dividends and interest included in the profit and loss or income statement in respect of investments in affiliates not held at the close of the period. The total of this column should agree with the amounts shown under such caption. Include in column E(2) all other dividends and interest. Explain briefly in an appropriate footnote the treatment accorded each item. Identify by an appropriate symbol all non-cash dividends and explain the circumstances in a footnote. See Section 210.6-06(3)(a)(2), 210.6-03(g), and 210.6-07(1).

7 The information required by column F need be furnished only as to controlled companies. The equity in the net profit and loss of each person required to be listed separately shall be computed on an individual basis. In addition, there may be submitted the information required as computed on the basis of the statements of each such person and its subsidiaries consolidated.