Form 55-102F3 Issuer Profile Supplement
Section 7

Security Designations

Provide the security designation for each outstanding security and each class of outstanding securities of the reporting issuer that is held by an insider of the reporting issuer who has direct or indirect beneficial ownership of, or control or direction over, that security or class of security. For each security or class of securities, select the appropriate Security category” by choosing “Debt”, “Equity” or “Issuer Derivative” from the list provided. Then provide a designation of the security or class of securities using the fields provided for this purpose, as follows. First, select the “Security name” from the list of generic security names provided. Second, if applicable, enter any additional words used to describe the specific security or class of securities. For example, to provide the designation of “Class A Preferred Shares, Series 1”, select “Preferred Shares” from the “Security name” field and then type “Class A, Series 1” in the “Additional description” field.

If the security whose designation is being added is an issuer derivative, provide the designation of the underlying security or class of underlying securities in addition to the designation of the issuer derivative itself. First, select the applicable securities category for the underlying security and then provide the designation for the underlying security using the “Security name” and “Additional description” fields in the same manner as described above.