Companion Policy to National Instrument 55-102 System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders (SEDI)
Part 4 Date of Filing and User Registration
Section 4.2

Registration to Use SEDI*

Subsection 2.5(1) of the National Instrument permits an individual who is a SEDI filer, a filing agent, or an authorized representative of a SEDI filer or filing agent to use SEDI to make SEDI filings. Subsection 2.5(2) of the National Instrument requires such an individual to register before using SEDI to make a SEDI filing. To do so, the individual must complete, and submit, an online user registration form, and must deliver a signed paper copy of the completed user registration form to the SEDI operator, for verification. Until an individual has completed registration as a SEDI user in accordance with subsection 2.5(2) of the National Instrument, the individual cannot use SEDI to make filings.

The SEDI operator will promptly process the signed paper copies of the registration form that it receives for verification. If there is a problem with the verification process, the SEDI operator or the securities regulatory authority, depending on the problem, will work with the registering individual to try to resolve it.

*This title was provided by Lexata; it is not part of the companion policy.