Companion Policy to NI 55-104 Insider Reporting Requirements and Exemptions
Part 1 Introduction and Definitions
Section 1.4(5)

Definitions Used in the Instrument – Major Subsidiary

The definition of “major subsidiary” is a key element of the definition of “reporting insider”. The determination of whether a subsidiary is a major subsidiary will generally require a backward-looking determination based on the issuer’s most recent financial statements.

If an issuer acquires a subsidiary or undertakes a reorganization, with the result that a subsidiary will come within the definition of major subsidiary once the issuer next files its financial statements, the subsidiary will not be a major subsidiary until such filing, and directors and the CEO, CFO and COO of the subsidiary will not be reporting insiders until such filing.

Although not required to do so, insiders may choose to file insider reports upon completion of the acquisition or reorganization rather than wait for the issuer to file its next set of financial statements. Similarly, if a subsidiary ceases to be a major subsidiary because of an acquisition or other reorganization by the parent issuer, but the subsidiary continues to be a major subsidiary based on information contained within the issuer’s most recently filed financial statements, the issuer or reporting insiders may wish to consider applying for an exemption from the insider reporting requirement as the reporting obligation will continue until the issuer next files its financials statements.