Companion Policy to NI 55-104 Insider Reporting Requirements and Exemptions
Part 1 Introduction and Definitions
Section 1.4(2)

Definitions Used in the Instrument – Directors and Officers

Where the Instrument uses the term “directors” or “officers”, insiders of an issuer that is not a corporation must refer to the definitions in securities legislation of “director” and “officer”. The definitions of “director” and “officer” typically include persons acting in capacities similar to those of a director or an officer of a company or individuals who perform similar functions. Corporate and non-corporate issuers and their insiders must determine, in light of the particular circumstances, which individuals or persons are acting in such capacities for the purposes of complying with the Instrument.

Similarly, the terms “CEO”, “CFO” and “COO” include the individuals that have the responsibilities normally associated with these positions or act in a similar capacity. This determination is to be made irrespective of an individual’s corporate title or whether that individual is employed directly or acts pursuant to an agreement or understanding.