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Form 62-103F3 Required Disclosure by an Eligible Institutional Investor under Part 4
Item 5

Agreements, Arrangements, Commitments or Understandings With Respect to Securities of the Reporting Issuer

Describe the material terms of any agreements, arrangements, commitments or understandings between the eligible institutional investor and a joint actor and among those persons and any person with respect to securities of the class of securities to which this report relates, including but not limited to the transfer or the voting of any of the securities, finder’s fees, joint ventures, loan or option arrangements, puts or calls, guarantees of profits, division of profits or loss, or the giving or withholding of proxies. Include such information for any of the securities that are pledged or otherwise subject to a contingency, the occurrence of which would give another person voting power or investment power over such securities except that disclosure of standard default and similar provisions contained in loan agreements need not be included.


(i) Agreements, arrangements or understandings that are described under Item 3 do not have to be disclosed under this item.

(ii) For the purposes of Item 5, the description of any agreements, arrangements, commitments or understandings does not include naming the persons with whom those agreements, arrangements, commitments or understandings have been entered into, or proprietary or commercially sensitive information.