Form 55-102F1 Insider Profile
Section 9

Add Name(s) of Reporting Issuer(s)

Add the name of each reporting issuer in respect of which the insider is required to file an insider report in SEDI format. Search for and select each reporting issuer to be added from a database of all SEDI issuers provided for this purpose. Use the reporting issuer’s SEDAR number or its legal name (in English or French) to conduct your search. Make sure you select the correct reporting issuer before you proceed further. If you are unable to find the reporting issuer that you are searching for, contact the reporting issuer or the SEDI operator for assistance. Note that the reporting issuer will not appear in your search results unless the reporting issuer has created an issuer profile in SEDAR and filed an issuer profile supplement in SEDI.

If the insider has ceased to be an insider of a reporting issuer added previously to the insider profile, see item 12 below.