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Companion Policy to NI 52-112 Non-GAAP and Other Financial Measures Disclosure
Incorporation by reference
Re s. 5

Incorporation by reference

The Instrument allows an issuer to incorporate by reference certain disclosure, if the reference is to the issuer’s MD&A. To meet the requirement that the MD&A be available on SEDAR under paragraph 5(2)(c) of the Instrument, the MD&A must be filed on SEDAR before, or simultaneously with the document, in order for this MD&A to be used to incorporate any information by reference into the document. For example, if an issuer is filing an annual information form that includes a specified financial measure and the issuer is incorporating certain information in the MD&A by reference to satisfy the disclosure requirements of the Instrument, that MD&A would have to be filed on SEDAR before or simultaneously with the filing of the annual information form.

Paragraph 5(2)(b) requires the identification of the specific location of the required information in the MD&A. To comply with this requirement, identify where the required information is specifically located within the MD&A (e.g., identify the specific MD&A including a reference to the date of the MD&A, its reporting period, and the specific section or page reference within the MD&A) or provide a hyperlink to the specific section or page within the MD&A where the information is located. Issuers would not satisfy this requirement with a general hyperlink to the relevant MD&A.

The Instrument allows an issuer to incorporate by reference certain required disclosure in a news release; however, subsection 5(1) does not apply to the quantitative reconciliation requirements under clauses 6(1)(e)(ii)(C), paragraph 7(2)(d) or 9(c), or clause 10(1)(b)(ii)(C) if the document that contains the specified financial measure is an earnings release filed by the issuer under section 11.4 of NI 51-102.