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National Instrument 81-107 Independent Review Committee for Investment Funds
Part 3 Independent review committee
Section 3.6

Written charter

(1) The independent review committee must adopt a written charter that includes its mandate, responsibilities and functions, and the policies and procedures it will follow when performing its functions.

(2) If the independent review committee and the manager agree in writing that the independent review committee will perform functions other than those prescribed by securities legislation, the charter must include a description of the functions that are the subject of the agreement.

(3) In adopting the charter, the independent review committee must consider the manager’s recommendations, if any.


1. The CSA expect the written charter to set out the necessary policies and procedures to ensure the IRC performs its role adequately and effectively and in compliance with this Instrument. An IRC acting for more than one investment fund may choose to establish a separate charter for each fund. Alternatively, an IRC may choose to establish one charter for all of the investment funds it oversees or groups of investment funds.

2. The IRC should consider the specific matters subject to its review when developing the policies and procedures to be set out in its charter.

3. Without discussing all of the policies and procedures that may be set out in the written charter, the CSA expect that the written charter will include the following:

    • policies and procedures the IRC must follow when reviewing conflict of interest matters,
    • criteria for the IRC to consider in setting its compensation and expenses and the compensation and expenses of any advisors employed by the IRC,
    • a policy relating to IRC member ownership of securities of the investment fund, manager or in any person or company that provides services to the investment fund or the manager,
    • policies and procedures that describe how a member of the IRC is to conduct himself or herself when he or she faces a conflict of interest, or could be perceived to face a conflict of interest, with respect to a matter being considered or to be considered by the IRC,
    • policies and procedures that describe how the IRC is to interact with any existing advisory board or board of directors of the investment fund and the manager, and
    • policies and procedures that describe how any subcommittee of the IRC to which has been delegated any of the functions of the IRC, is to report to the IRC.

  1. The manager and the IRC may agree that the IRC will perform functions in addition to those prescribed by this Instrument and elsewhere in securities legislation. This Instrument does not preclude those arrangements, nor does this Instrument regulate those arrangements.