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National Instrument 81-106 Investment Fund Continuous Disclosure
Part 5 Delivery of Financial Statements and Management Reports of Fund Performance
Section 5.2

Sending According to Standing Instructions

(1) Subsection 5.1(2) does not apply to an investment fund that requests standing instructions from a securityholder in accordance with this section and sends the documents listed in subsection 5.1(2) according to those instructions.

(2) An investment fund relying on subsection 5.2(1) must send, to each securityholder, a document that

(a) explains the choices a securityholder has to receive the documents listed in subsection 5.1(2);

(b) solicits instructions from the securityholder about delivery of those documents; and

(c) explains that the instructions provided by the securityholder will continue to be followed by the investment fund until they are changed by the securityholder.

(3) If a person or company becomes a securityholder of an investment fund, the investment fund must solicit instructions in accordance with subsection (2) from the securityholder as soon as reasonably practicable after the investment fund accepts a purchase order from the securityholder.

(4) An investment fund must rely on instructions given under this section until a securityholder changes them.

(5) At least once a year, an investment fund must send each securityholder a reminder that

(a) the securityholder is entitled to receive the documents listed in subsection 5.1(2);

(b) the investment fund is relying on delivery instructions provided by the securityholder;

(c) explains how a securityholder can change the instructions it has given; and

(d) the securityholder can obtain the documents on the SEDAR website and on the investment fund’s website, if applicable, and by contacting the investment fund.