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National Instrument 81-102 Investment Funds
Part 2 Investments
Section 2.14

Reverse Repurchase Transactions

(1) Despite any other provision of this Instrument, an investment fund may enter into a reverse repurchase transaction if the following conditions are satisfied for the transaction:

1. The transaction is administered and supervised in the manner required by sections 2.15 and 2.16.

2. The transaction is made under a written agreement that implements the requirements of this section.

3. Qualified securities are purchased for cash by the investment fund, with the investment fund assuming the obligation to resell them for cash.

4. The securities transferred as part of the transaction are immediately available for good delivery under applicable legislation.

5. The securities to be delivered to the investment fund at the beginning of the transaction

(a) are received by the investment fund either before or at the same time as it delivers the cash used by it to purchase those securities; and

(b) have a market value equal to at least 102 percent of the cash paid for the securities by the investment fund.

6. The purchased securities are marked to market on each business day, and either the amount of cash paid for the purchased securities or the amount of purchased securities in the possession of the seller or the investment fund is adjusted on each business day to ensure that the market value of purchased securities held by the investment fund in connection with the transaction is not less than 102 percent of the cash paid by the investment fund.

7. If an event of default by a seller occurs, the investment fund, in addition to any other remedy available in the agreement or applicable law, has the right under the agreement to retain or dispose of the purchased securities delivered to it by the seller to the extent necessary to satisfy its claims under the agreement.

8. The transaction is a “securities lending arrangement” under section 260 of the ITA.

9. The term of the reverse repurchase agreement, before any extension or renewal that requires the consent of both the seller and the investment fund, is not more than 30 days.