National Instrument 81-102 Investment Funds
Part 10 Redemption of Securities of an Investment Fund
Section 10.1

Requirements for Redemptions

(1) An invesment fund must not pay redemption proceeds unless

(a) if the security of the investment fund to be redeemed is represented by a certificate, the investment fund has received the certificate or appropriate indemnities in connection with a lost certificate; and

(b) either

(i) the investment fund has received a written redemption order, duly completed and executed by or on behalf of the securityholder, or

(ii) the investment fund permits the making of redemption orders by telephone or electronic means by, or on behalf of, a securityholder who has made prior arrangements with the investment fund in that regard and the relevant redemption order is made in compliance with those arrangements.

(2) An investment fund may establish reasonable requirements applicable to securityholders who wish to have the investment fund redeem securities, not contrary to this Instrument, as to procedures to be followed and documents to be delivered by the following times:

(a) in the case of a mutual fund, other than an exchange-traded mutual fund that is not in continuous distribution, by the time of delivery of a redemption order to an order receipt office of the mutual fund;

(a.1) in the case of an exchange-traded mutual fund that is not in continuous distribution or of a non-redeemable investment fund, by the time of delivery of a redemption order;

(b) by the time of payment of redemption proceeds.

(2.1) If disclosed in its prospectus, an alternative mutual fund may include, as part of the requirements contemplated in subsection (2), a provision that securityholders of the alternative mutual fund may not redeem their securities for a period of up to 6 months after the date on which the receipt is issued for the initial prospectus of the alternative mutual fund.

(3) A manager of an investment fund must provide to securityholders of the investment fund at least annually a statement containing the following:

(a) a description of the requirements referred to in subsection (1);

(b) a description of the requirements established by the investment fund under subsection (2);

(c) a detailed reference to all documentation required for redemption of securities of the investment fund;

(d) detailed instructions on the manner in which documentation is to be delivered to participating dealers, the investment fund or a person or company providing services to the investment fund to which a redemption order may be made;

(e) a description of all other procedural or communication requirements;

(f) an explanation of the consequence of failing to meet timing requirements.

(4) The statement referred to in subsection (3) is not required to be separately provided, in any year, if the requirements are described in any document that is sent to all securityholders in that year.

Exemptive Relief Orders