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National Instrument 81-107 Independent Review Committee for Investment Funds
Part 4 Functions of independent review committee
Section 4.5

Reporting to securities regulatory authorities

(1) If the independent review committee is aware of an instance where the manager acted in a conflict of interest matter under subsection 5.2(1) but did not comply with a condition or conditions imposed by securities legislation or the independent review committee in its approval, the independent review committee must, as soon as practicable, notify in writing the securities regulatory authority or regulator.

(2) The notification referred to in subsection (1) is satisfied if it is made to the investment fund’s principal regulator.


1. Subsection (1) captures a breach of a condition imposed for an otherwise prohibited or restricted transaction described in subsection 5.2(1), for which the manager has acted under Part 6 of this Instrument or under Part 4 of NI 81-102. This includes a breach of a condition imposed by the IRC as part of its approval (including a standing instruction), or, for example, any conditions imposed for inter-fund trading under section 6.1 of this Instrument or section 4.3 of NI 81-102, for transactions in securities of related issuers under section 6.2 of this Instrument, and for purchases of securities underwritten by related underwriters under section 4.1 of NI 81-102.

The CSA consider that a breach of a condition imposed by securities legislation (including this Instrument) or by the IRC in a transaction described in subsection 5.2(1) will result in the transaction having been made in contravention of securities legislation. In such instances, the securities regulatory authorities may consider taking various action, including requiring the manager to unwind the transaction and pay any costs associated with doing so.

2. The CSA expect that the IRC will include in its notification the steps the manager proposes to take, or has taken, to remedy the breach, if known.

3. Notification under this section is not intended to be a mechanism to resolve disputes between an IRC and a manager, or to raise inconsequential matters with the securities regulatory authorities.

4. The CSA do not view this section or this Instrument as preventing the manager from communicating with the securities regulatory authorities with respect to any matter.