Companion Policy to NI 81-102 Investment Funds
Part 10 Sales and Redemptions of Securities
Section 10.3

Receipt of Orders

(1) A principal distributor or participating dealer of a mutual fund should endeavour, to the extent possible, to receive cash to be invested in the mutual fund at the time the order to which they pertain is placed.

(2) A dealer receiving an order for redemption should, at the time of receipt of the investor’s order, obtain from the investor all relevant documentation required by the mutual fund in respect of the redemption including, without limitation, any written request for redemption that may be required by the mutual fund, duly completed and executed, and any certificates representing the mutual fund securities to be redeemed, so that all required documentation is available at the time the redemption order is transmitted to the mutual fund or to its principal distributor for transmittal to the mutual fund.