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National Instrument 81-107 Independent Review Committee for Investment Funds
Part 3 Independent review committee
Section 3.15

Orientation and continuing education

(1) The manager and independent review committee must provide orientation consisting of educational or informational programs that enable a new independent review committee member to understand

(a) the role of the independent review committee and its members collectively; and

(b) the role of the individual member.

(2) The manager may provide a member of the independent review committee with educational or informational programs, as the manager considers useful or necessary, that enable the member to understand the nature and operation of the manager’s and investment fund’s businesses.

(3) The independent review committee may reasonably supplement the educational and informational programs provided to its members under this section.


1. The CSA expect members of the IRC to regularly participate in educational or informational programs that may be useful to the members in understanding and fulfilling their duties.

Section 3.15 sets out only the minimum educational programs that a manager and IRC are expected to provide for members of the IRC. Educational activities could include presentations, seminars or discussion groups conducted by:

    • personnel of the investment fund or manager,
    • outside experts,
    • industry groups,
    • representatives of the investment fund’s various service providers, and
    • educational organizations and institutions.

  1. The CSA expect a discussion of a member’s role referred to in paragraph (1)(b) to include a reference to the commitment of time and energy that is expected from the member.