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Companion Policy to NI 81-102 Investment Funds
Part 4 Use of Specified Derivatives
Section 4.3


(1) The investment restrictions in the Instrument are in part intended to prevent the use of specified derivatives for the purpose of leveraging the assets of a mutual fund. The definition of “hedging” prohibits leveraging with respect to specified derivatives used for hedging purposes. The provisions of subsection 2.8(1) of the Instrument restrict leveraging with respect specified derivatives used for non-hedging purposes.

(2) Alternative mutual funds however, are exempted from section 2.8 and are instead subject to the restrictions on the use of leverage set out in section 2.9.1 of the instrument, which limit exposure to certain sources of leverage to no more than 300% of alternative mutual fund’s net asset value. The calculation in section 2.9.1 requires an investment fund to determine the notional amount of its specified derivatives positions. While the Instrument does not define notional amount, in this context we would expect it to be determined in regards to the value of the underlying reference asset, as if the specified derivative position were converted into the equivalent position in the underlying reference asset at the time of the calculation.