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National Instrument 81-107 Independent Review Committee for Investment Funds
Part 4 Functions of independent review committee
Section 4.6

Independent review committee to maintain records

An independent review committee must maintain records, including

(a) a copy of its current written charter;

(b) minutes of its meetings;

(c) copies of any materials and written reports provided to it;

(d) copies of materials and written reports prepared by it; and

(e) the decisions it makes.


1. Section 4.6 sets out the minimum requirements regarding the record keeping by an IRC. The CSA expect IRCs to keep records in accordance with existing best practices.

2. The IRC is expected under paragraph (b) to keep minutes only of any material discussions it has at meetings with the manager or internally on matters subject to its review.

The CSA do not view this section or this Instrument as preventing the IRC and manager from sharing record keeping and maintaining joint records of IRC and manager meetings.

3. The CSA expect the IRC to keep records of any actions it takes in respect of a matter referred to it, in particular any transaction otherwise prohibited or restricted by securities legislation, as described in subsection 5.2(1), for which the manager has sought the approval of the IRC.