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Form 81-106F1 Contents of Annual and Interim Management Report of Fund Performance
Part A Instructions and Interpretation
Item 1


(a) The Form

The Form describes the disclosure required in an annual or interim management report of fund performance (MRFP) of an investment fund. Each item of the Form outlines disclosure or format requirements. Instructions to help you comply with these requirements are printed in italic type.

(b) Plain Language

An MRFP must state the required information concisely and in plain language (as defined in National Instrument 81-101 Mutual Fund Prospectus Disclosure). Refer to Part 1 of Companion Policy 81-106CP for a discussion concerning plain language and presentation.

When preparing an MRFP, respond as simply and directly as is reasonably possible and include only as much information as is necessary for readers to understand the matters for which you are providing disclosure.

(c) Format

Present the MRFP in a format that assists readability and comprehension. The Form generally does not mandate the use of a specific format to achieve these goals, except in the case of disclosure of financial highlights and past performance as required by Items 3 and 4 of each of Parts B and C of the Form; that disclosure must be presented in the format specified in the Form.

An MRFP must use the headings and sub-headings shown in the Form. Within this framework, investment funds are encouraged to use, as appropriate, tables, captions, bullet points or other organizational techniques that assist in presenting the required disclosure clearly and concisely. Disclosure provided in response to any item does not need to be repeated elsewhere. The interim MRFP must use the same headings as used in the annual MRFP.

The Form does not prohibit including information beyond what the Form requires. An investment fund may include artwork and educational material (as defined in National Instrument 81-101 Mutual Fund Prospectus Disclosure) in its annual and interim MRFP. However, an investment fund must take reasonable care to ensure that including such material does not obscure the required information and does not lengthen the MRFP excessively.

(d) Focus on Material Information

You do not need to disclose information that is not material. You do not need to respond to any item in this Form that is inapplicable and you may omit negative answers.

(e) What is Material?

Would a reasonable investor’s decision to buy, sell or hold securities of an investment fund likely be influenced or changed if the information in question was omitted or misstated? If so, the information is material. In determining whether information is material, take into account both quantitative and qualitative factors.

(f) Terminology

All references to “net assets” or “net assets per security” in this Form are references to total equity or net assets attributable to securityholders determined in accordance with Canadian GAAP as presented in the financial statements of the investment fund. All references to “net asset value” or “net asset value per security” in this Form are references to net asset value determined in accordance with Part 14 of the Instrument.

Investment funds must use net assets as shown on the financial statements in the “˜”˜The Fund’s Net Assets per [Unit/Share]” table. All other calculations for the purposes of the MRFP must be made using net asset value.